Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miracle Treat Day! Amazing things happen :)

Today was fun and exciting! I went around to the Dairy Queens in Albuquerque to thank all the people who went out and bought blizzards! UNM Children's Hospital is blessed to have Dairy Queen do this for us!

Today a good friend of mine told me this: "Kyle;You are my inspiration to follow my heart and Dream of Becoming an motivation speaker/CEO and I wish nothing but the best for you and where I Live there are no charities or fund raiser opportunity for me to help raise a dollar but by any means I will find a way to make my dream come to reality and the mission was a great opportunity for you to here it. But now I know what you are about and where your heart is. I just hope my blessing will come soon for me because I help alot people in many different ways I hope you could give me some good pointers or ideas well keep shinning and grinding dude hope I see you next year at camp"

That is the reason I help other kids and help other people. I don't do it

for the praise, I do it to impact lives. Donovan is an amazing guy, He does

so much for many people. I know he will achieve his dream, and so will I.

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers,
“Try it one more time."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun & Exciting Things! =^)

Its been a crazy two months around here! I went to St. Louis for the National Student Leaders Conference (STAR Conference), where I learned many new things. While I was there I had the pleasure to meet the Missouri Champion Christopher and his mother. The day after I got back from St. Louis, I went to Camp Mak-A-Dream in Montana for a week. Camp Mak-A-Dream is a camp for kids who have and had cancer. Its one of the best places in the world. When I returned from Montana I went to the lake with my best friend/sister, that was a blast! I had my champion kick-off the following week and the Disc-it Cookoff where we raised $70,000 (including in-kind donations). Yesterday I had my monthly off treatment check up (this was the 3rd month off-treatment) I received my CT Scan and Blood results, EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING! The blood counts were the best they've seen in a while! Right after that doctors appointment I had a press conference to advertise the Sandia Summer Smash monster truck show which is benefiting NM Children's Miracle Network/ Carrie Tingly Hospital! This Friday I will at the Sandia Summer Smash saying "Gentlemen start your engines".

Saturday & Sunday I will be at the University of New Mexico (UNM)for my summer meeting with the New Mexico Association of Student Councils (NMASC) executive board, because I'm the state 1st Vice President. We will be discussing upcoming things like district conferences, state convention and prepareing for summer workshop which is Monday. Summer Leadership Workshop is Monday trough Thursday at UNM! Lots of exciting things happening!

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I will be posting pictures SOON!!!! :) Thank You for all the support!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tomorrow is FINALLY my kickoff! Its going to be at the Walmart on Carlisle and Menual in Albuquerque!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Costco Bailout! SUCCESS!!

Costco Bailout was fun and what a success! I was in jail for 1hour and 30 min and raise a little over $750.00!!! I started in the back of the store with handcuffs on and the Sheriff Adele in her pink cowgirl outfit walked me to the jail house with her guns pointed to my back. I was given a megaphone and bugged people to donate! I can't wait to see the total at the end of the day!!! Pictures soon!!

Costco Bailout!

Today I will be put in jail at Costco! Come bail me out of jail at the Costco on the Westside between 1-2pm!!! By you bailing me out of jail you raise money for our Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (UNM CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL)!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Amazing Day!

Today was amazing! It was the Class of 2011 Honors Assembly at my High School, where I received my Senior Class Vice President key (It symbolizes I'm the Key to my Senior Class's success) "Class of 2012 ya buddy" .
In about a hour I'm heading to a Golf Tournament that is raising money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospital here in Albuquerque , UNM Children's Hospital. There are 38 teams of 4 playing at this tournament. This Sunday will be at the Costco bail out! I hope to see you there! My Champion Kick-Off will be early June at the Walmart on Carlisle and Manuel.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy Busy!

Next week is a busy week for me! Wednesday is a Golf Tournament for my CNMHospital and also the Honors Assembly at school where I will receive my Senior Class VP "key" for next year and Thursday is graduation for the Class of 2011 and I have to hand out diplomas because i'm a senior class president next year!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Events

This is going to be a busy month for me with the Children's Miracle Network here in New Mexico! This month I will be having my Champion Kickoff, Golf Tournament, Golden Corral Fundraiser Night and Costco Fundraisers! I will post the dates and times as soon as I get them finalized! I hope to see you there! After the events I will post pictures!

Your Friend,
Kyle =)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Champions

Champions is a Children's Miracle Network Hospitals program that brings attention to the important work being done at its 170 children’s hospitals. It does this by honoring 51 remarkable kids who have faced severe medical challenges, and helping them tell their stories.

The Champions program designates a child in every state who has bravely battled a serious injury or illness. The Champions represent the nearly 17 million children treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals every year. The 2011 Champions have dealt with a wide variety of injuries and illnesses including genetic diseases, organ transplants and traumas, as well as various types of cancer.

The Champions travel for a week in October, first to Washington, D.C., where they traditionally meet with their state senators on Capitol Hill, and the President of the United States during a visit to the White House. They then take a private chartered flight, provided by Delta Air Lines, to Orlando, Fla. There, champions meet Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals sponsors, hospital representatives and media partners who all convene to celebrate a year of medical miracles during the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Celebration event at Walt Disney World Resort.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you are having tons of fun and family time! Next month is the big Champion Kickoff at a local Walmart! Its going to be at the Walmart on Carlisle & Manual. We hope to see you there! Its going to be a fun and excited year!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kyle's Story

Age 17

New Mexico
University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital

Bone Cancer

Kyle has his future perfectly planned. First, he’s going to work for a cancer-related company. Second, he’s going to become the President of the United States. If anyone has the motivation and strength to reach these ambitious goals, it’s Kyle.

Diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a common form of bone cancer, Kyle has been through 18 rounds of chemotherapy, two lung operations and a major leg operation. His leg operation included removing and replacing his knee, four inches of his femur and eight inches of his tibia with stainless steel. Kyle stayed positive every step of the way.

Known as “the future politician,” Kyle is outgoing, energetic and always has a smile. If you ask him about his disease Kyle will tell you, “I had cancer, cancer never had me.”